Everything under control: Eurogast accelerates check-out processes with state-of-the-art scanning technology from Barcotec

Kirchdorf, Tyrol
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Everything under control: Eurogast accelerates check-out processes with state-of-the-art scanning technology from Barcotec

The gastronomy wholesaler Eurogast Sinnesberger in Kirchdorf/Tyrol serves both gastronomy professionals and end customers in its market hall, which will open in December 2019, who benefit equally from the extensive full range, perfect logistics and a pronounced awareness of service and quality.

In order to meet these demands in the shop as well, the requirement of fast capture despite bulky goods was put to Barcotec. Around 5,000-6,000 items are scanned at peak times per checkout on individual days. To avoid long waiting times for the customers, a smooth process plays a decisive role.

Therefore, Eurogast relies on ProGlove wearable scanners from Barcotec to capture the goods for the subsequent payment process. The ProGlove scanners are back-of-hand scanners attached to a cuff with an index finger trigger, support the reading of all GS1 standards and are designed for unrestricted use. Extremely compact, lightweight (40 g), efficient to use and easily configurable, the ProGlove Wearable Scanner speeds up operations with up to 10,000 scans per battery charge.

Employees with back of the hand scanners in use

The employees enjoy maximum flexibility and can support each other at individual checkouts in the event of increased volumes: No long logins are necessary for this - only the QR code of the corresponding checkout is scanned and the purchase process can be handled quickly and efficiently.

Since in the market hall the end customer with the desire for 1 kg of flour finds what he is looking for just as much as the bulk consumer who needs 30 kg for the hotel business, it is important that the bulky and sometimes also heavy articles can be traded quickly. Unlike in a conventional supermarket, there is no conveyor belt on which the goods are placed - here, they are simply loaded from one trolley to another and the goods are scanned in the process. Therefore, Barcotec recommended a scanner that is worn like a glove, so that staff can use their hands without restriction and "really get to work".

Where elsewhere a scanning device was taken in the hand, the scan performed and device put away or plugged in, this is now no longer necessary, because only one step is required.

Employees save valuable time and we avoid queues in the checkout area.
Store Manager, Eurogast

The training was done in a few minutes and the ProGlove is not only well received by colleagues: The customers also notice the innovation and react positively to it throughout. The head of the market hall adds, "This way we can clearly position ourselves as an innovative and service-oriented company."

ProGlove Basic

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