Paper and corrugated board specialist Rondo works flawlessly with Barcotec system

Rondo Ganahl
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Rondo Ganahl AG is a traditional Austrian family business with plants in Austria, Hungary, Romania and Turkey. The core business is the production of corrugated board packaging, corrugated board base paper and the collection and recycling of paper and packaging.

Rondo Ganahl employee with mobile computer

Every day, tons of paper, corrugated board and packaging are produced and moved within the company before they are delivered. For Rondo, every delivery of goods is also a promise to the customer, as it involves values such as reliability, experience, innovation and speed. In BARCOTEC, Rondo found a suitable partner to meet their high requirements.

The crux lies in the detail - so does success

All processes such as goods receipt, material withdrawal, ordering, production, dispatch, maintenance and repair used to be done on paper with manual corrections. The disadvantages of this system were obvious: the lengthy recording time of the information and the high source of errors, such as number crunches, during processing, poor readability and the "frozen information" until further processing.

The first step was therefore the very precise and detailed analysis of the individual work steps in these areas in order to be able to work out a qualitative and quantitative effect at all.

Rondo Ganahl employee with mobile computer

Now, with the BARCOTEC devices "Falcon" and "Skorpio", the complete work performance is carried out without media breaks - i.e. without manual interaction and automatic transfer to the higher-level ERP system. The devices score points with their backlighting of the display and keypad, because optimal lighting conditions do not always prevail, especially in production and warehouse environments. Even low or very high temperatures cannot harm the robust and IP-standardised devices.

Small steps, big impact

The knowledge of effects in the supply chain (= value chain) helped to achieve a great impact. In production, for example, individual means of production are captured and managed with all their detailed facets (colour, production order, etc.). And are thus also traceable.

The rolls are automatically scanned with the BARCOTEC devices when they are clamped in and removed from the machine and thus the running metre, weight and roll number are automatically captured. This means that each roll has an assigned number and is clearly captured and traceable. This makes the delivery and receipt of the rolls much easier. For storage location management, forklift terminals from "DLOG" are used, also supplied by BARCOTEC, which are mounted directly on the forklift.

BARCOTEC devices are also used to ensure the correct removal of articles during goods receipt and dispatch.

All terminals experienced a high acceptance by the employees already after the introduction and training. A complete solution from a single source and a trusting and cooperative collaboration with the professionals from BARCOTEC have made this project a success for us.
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