Mobile Device Management (MDM) "C5" saves Siemens time, ways and money

Vienna and Romania
Technologies used
Barcodes and MDM-Software
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Mobile Computers

In the Siemens electronics manufacturing network SIMEA with locations in Vienna and Romania, mobile data collection terminals are updated and managed across two locations with the smart MDM system "C5" from Barcotec. Increased transparency, time and distance savings and easy handling of the mobile devices ensure increased efficiency.

Siemens employee with Mobile Computer

The Siemens site in Vienna Floridsdorf, where the Siemens City is located as the Austrian corporate headquarters, is large and spacious. More like a campus, work, research and development are carried out here; recreational areas are embedded in the grounds and offer employees space for regeneration. The buildings are connected by roads, pavements and crossings, and components for the international market are produced in the halls.

Work processes are processed electronically and recorded with the help of mobile data collection terminals. The small, dense 2D barcode "Datamatrix" is consistently recorded here. Its size of only a few millimetres offers traceability throughout the entire production chain.  Stationary reading systems ensure an update of the processing information at every interface during processing.

The mobile 2D capture terminals are connected to central applications, in this case SAP, and post directly to the database. Again and again, updates have to be loaded onto the devices, new versions have to be installed or new processes have to be activated. This is where "C5", the Mobile Device Management from Barcotec, comes into play.

Siemens employee with Mobile Computer

The IT technician at Siemens discusses the case of operation: "During on-call operations, which are possible within the scope of our 24/7 on-call service, it happens time and again that mobile devices are affected. Until now, this was associated with a considerable administrative and time effort - from travel times to repair work to fault support by the IT colleagues."

"Today, there are great advantages, which is why we are very satisfied with C5," says the maintenance team enthusiastically. It can be used to manage existing and new mobile devices. The installation of C5 is also simple, saves resources and does not require any specific drivers.

At Siemens, the next step is to integrate the production processes and the goods receipt.