It's all about the sausage at Sonnberg

Sonnberg Biofleisch
Unterweißenbach, Upper Austria
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Mobile Computers and Software

Barcotec supports Sonnberg Biofleisch with the software solution "easyMITS" and BHT-1100 (Barcode Handy Terminal) from Denso for highest quality in meat production. Sonnberg is considered one of the leading organic meat producers in Austria and is certified according to Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007(*1) as well as implementing regulations and the Austrian Food Codex Chapter A8 (*2).

Sonnberg Biofleisch employee with mobile computer

At the company's location in Unterweißenbach (founded in 2004), several tonnes of meat from animals from 100% Austrian, organic farming are processed every year. All operations are carried out in-house, right up to distribution to organic meat shops in Austria and neighbouring countries. The company attaches great importance to careful handling of the means of production, quality and food safety. Traceability plays a central role when it comes to the question of which meat was processed into which sausage.

In this important but also delicate matter, Barcotec is a reliable partner with the software solution "easyMITS" and BHTs: The crates with the freshly slaughtered meat arrive at the sausage master sorted by type, and the barcode is immediately scanned from the crate. It doesn't matter if things get rough and the device falls to the floor - the BHT 1100 stands for reliability, a long service life and is characterised by high robustness. Even poorly printed codes or those that are covered by ingredients in solid or liquid form are still reliably captured.

Mobile Computer Application

Every detail is also captured in the next work step, sausage processing: all ingredients and spices used are combined and scanned with the BHT-1100. The recipe sheet, which is also documented automatically at the touch of a button, serves as an aid. In this way, all the work steps are observed taxatively and it enables the user to see at a glance what goes where and in what quantity.

Critical control points are also precisely documented. The perfect heating of the meat products is documented precisely with temperature information and automatically transferred to the system. During the entire process, all work steps with the start and end of each activity are stored in the automatic time recording.

Mobiler Computer Application

The software solution "easyMITS" from Barcotec scores with its high flexibility: If certain requirements are changed or expanded, the system can also be easily adapted to this. Screen masks and processes are individually adapted and therefore offer a high degree of user-friendliness. With the integrated user administration, different processes are assigned to each user, so that each person only sees what is relevant for the work steps.

For us, the same conditions apply as in large-scale industry - that's why Barcotec devices are instruments for future security.
Sonnberg Managing Director Manfred Huber