Barcotec Innovation: KombiKam - the quality combination for SPAR warehouse logistics

SPAR Hungary
Üllö, Hungary
Technologies used
Devices used
Denso BHT-800
Spar Hungary Application

SPAR increases the quality of warehouse logistics by using the camera system "KombiKam" from Barcotec in the Hungarian warehouse.

Hundreds of loads leave the 42,000m² warehouse in the small Hungarian town of Üllö, not far from Budapest, every day. Goods from the dry goods assortment, fresh food service and frozen food area are taken from the high-bay warehouses in the order processing process and put together on separate delivery trolleys.

Spar Hungary employee

At this critical point, the most important factors are the completeness of the goods and the finishing quality.

The weight is decisive for the stability of the trolley. Furthermore, the order picker must also guarantee 100 per cent that everything is safe and ready for the transport route.

In order to be able to guarantee a high level of quality, they rely on documentation by the newly developed camera system from Barcotec KombiKam. After the fully packed trolley has been brought into position at the checkpoint, the order picker first scans the EAN code at the gate before loading and then the code attached to the trolley, using a barcode mobile terminal (BHT-800) from Denso.

Spar Hungary employee

A dedicated "photo button" triggers high-resolution industrial cameras, which marry the data and securely store it on the customer's own server.

The person immediately receives confirmation on the display of the barcode mobile phone terminal that the image has been processed and the trolleys can start their journey.

The industrial network cameras are RTSP-compatible (real-time streaming capable) and with a maximum of three per checkpoint, a 360-degree image is possible. This keeps the network load low.

The BHT-800 with trigger software was chosen by Barcotec as the ideal device for the KombiKam application: In addition to the text-oriented operating system, the integrated WLAN and the long battery life speak for themselves. The angled scan head serves ergonomic purposes, as the display is visible at all times and thus does not require the terminal to be turned. In addition, the device is also shock-resistant with stable, abrasion-resistant keys and therefore able to withstand the rough conditions in the warehouse.

KombiKam ensures professional and complete documentation which can be called up at the touch of a button in the event of a complaint.
Logistics Manager, SPAR

"Quality assurance at delivery is an issue for many of our customers," Alexander Rainsberger, Managing Director of Barcotec, discusses the reasons for the new development. "Image documentation at the point of dispatch saves customers subsequent research and also money in the event of an insurance claim".

Denso BHT-800

Light and easy to handle