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Technologies used
Devices used
Barcode scanners, vehicle terminals and easyMITS software

In order to improve the internal processes at the Carinthian packaging specialist Tubex, they wanted to map all main logistics processes in one system. They wanted an online connection to the existing ERP system, with data processing and storage taking place in this system. Customizing (=process development) was to be carried out quickly and easily by the internal IT department.

Tubex employee with mobile computer

With Barcotec, which is considered a "digital enabling specialist" due to its many years of software and hardware know-how and project experience, the ideal partner for the implementation was quickly found. With "easyMITS" the compact, standardised connectivity software, the ideal solution.

Mobile radio data terminals show the user real-time data on the device's display, thus ensuring direct interaction with the ERP system in the background. 

What can be expected from standard software?

With the introduction of "easyMITS" and the corresponding hardware components from BARCOTEC, a multitude of new possibilities opened up for using new technologies and thereby successively increasing the logistics processes to a very advanced level. Standard software, sufficiently declared as inflexible and rigid, was not ostensibly the first approach.

After an operational test period in which easyMITS was filled with valid processes, the implementation power, flexibility and resilience of "easyMITS" quickly became apparent. After only a few conceptual steps, the first process was operationally set up on the same day and after switching on the hardware, the operational workflow was given. Minor modifications could be carried out by means of minimal, event-related adjustments in the configurator.

Tubex employee with barcode scanner in forklift truck

Through the use of mobile data collection terminals, data entry now takes place directly at the site of the event, thus avoiding errors and reducing the effort to a minimum. In terms of hardware, Tubex relies not only on mobile data collection terminals but also on hand-held scanners and a rugged tablet, which is especially suitable for industrial use.

The training effort for the logistics staff was also minimal, as there is a high level of interest and software affinity and the system is very customer-oriented in design and structure. Using the easyMITS configurator is virtually self-explanatory.

The radio scanners enable the forklift drivers to get off the truck, scan articles and check them on the display of the tablet.

Digitise - and do it immediately.

The traceability of the products in the internal logistics chain is now seamless and the daily search effort could be massively reduced. Thanks to easyMITS, it was possible to switch to chaotic warehouse management. Thus, optimised storage and retrieval strategies as well as standard features can be used.

The IT team at Tubex is also pleased: "The total data capture effort could be reduced by about two hours per day thanks to mobile data capture. "easyMITS" quickly helped us to connect to our merchandise management data for real online operation and thus enabled a fast, efficient and also cost-efficient start. The system has worked flawlessly since the first day and we are already considering next potentials. We can really recommend Barcotec and their system solutions. They know what they are doing."