Direct Part Marking

Scanning directly from the material

The Direct Part Marking (DPM) process allows the user to capture barcodes that are applied directly to the material. The writing of 2D codes directly on the surface can be done by laser/etching, needle embossing or via inkjet printer, depending on the surface. This means that no additional carrier materials, such as paper labels, are necessary.

Datalogic PowerScan for easy and intuitive capture

Direct Part Marking already plays an important role in the manufacturing industry: for parts and component tracking, quality control, inventory or general production processes, the technology offers enormous advantages.

For easy and intuitive capture, the PowerScan PD9530-DPM imager series is equipped with the latest high-resolution optics and software. Depending on the surface structure, the reading distance is between 4-5 cm. An extended decoding library supports any Direct Part Marking technology.