Fast and error-free stocktaking with barcode scanners

Successful stocktaking requires both precision and efficiency. Barcode scanners speed up this sometimes time-consuming process: they not only make it easier to record goods, but also ensure significantly greater accuracy.

Speeding up stocktaking

Traditional stocktaking with pen and paper is characterized by its simplicity and low direct costs. However, this approach also has considerable disadvantages: Manual recording is often time-consuming and error-prone: from searching for the right entry in the list or, conversely, the product on the shelf, to incorrect allocations and unclear additions to entries. The subsequent transfer of data to digital systems also requires additional work.

The use of barcode scanners solves these problems: the barcodes captured on products, shelves or locations provide digital data that can be saved and processed immediately.

Inventory with barcode scanner

Barcode scanner or mobile computer?

The choice between a classic handheld scanner and a mobile computer with an integrated barcode scanner depends on several factors, including the complexity of the inventory, the spatial conditions and the data connection. Mobile computers offer additional functionalities compared to handheld scanners. The recorded data can be checked immediately on the screen, which also makes it much easier to enter quantities. New entries are entered according to the specifications and problems are easily documented with photos or videos.

Integration into merchandise management and ERP systems

Data connection to merchandise management and ERP systems is another crucial aspect. Modern barcode scanners and mobile computers offer various options for transmission, including WLAN, radio, Bluetooth and mobile radio. This ensures that the collected data can be seamlessly transferred to the ERP system in all situations.