Smoothly from Windows to Android

Reliable and future-proof

We are currently experiencing a profound change in the operating systems of mobile terminals. As you may know, one of Barcotec's principles is to offer only reliable and at the same time future-proof solutions for mobile data capture. Therefore, in the following we would like to briefly inform you about this topic and show our answers to it.

From Windows to Android

For a long time, Windows CE was considered the standard operating system for mobile data collection devices, rugged smartphones and handheld terminals, but in recent years we have seen a strong shift towards devices based on Android. Devices running the latest Android 10 not only offer numerous advantages in speed, operation and security over older Windows CE devices. In most cases, they are upgradeable to at least version 12, allowing long-term use without restrictions.

Share Windows Android

While in 2014 more than 70% of our customers still relied on Windows CE solutions, this year more than 95% of all projects were implemented with the Android operating system.

We see the reasons for this as the possibility of easily supplementing existing Windows systems, the significantly enhanced security features of Android in recent years and the rapidly growing number of innovative devices with Android.

Powerful devices

So that you can migrate your existing application smoothly or go straight to Android for new projects, we offer a wide selection of MDEs, rugged smartphones and also forklift terminals for every area of application.

Flexible software and long-term security

As part of our overall Android concept, we have extended the proven easyMITS middleware to include Android and web app versions. You can manage your new Android devices securely with our flexible Mobile Device Management System, and in the event of repairs, our service experts in Austria are fully trained on the latest devices.


These three components, easyMITS for the connection to your enterprise resource planning, MDM for secure operation and our comprehensive services, guarantee years of smooth and uninterrupted operation of your data collection solution throughout its entire service life.

The Barcotec Sales Team will be happy to advise you on the new devices and how they can be optimally integrated into your workflows.