Switching MDM providers - how to do it

Suddenly rising license costs, forced infrastructure changes or missing functionalities - when it's time to switch MDM providers, a planned approach is crucial. With the right preparation and support, the migration will go smoothly and without interruption.

1. Questions before switching

Are all stakeholders involved in the changeover?

Get everyone involved on board at an early stage, sometimes questions and requests come to light that you hadn't thought of. Every team and every user can have completely different perspectives on the topic of MDM.

Switching MDM providers - how to do it

What's wrong with your current system?

Possible keywords for a structured list are

  • Costs: suddenly increased license fees and services that are no longer included
  • Functions: Security, administration, reporting, integration and analysis
  • Compatibility: operating systems, device categories and manufacturers
  • User-friendliness: workflow efficiency and collaboration
  • Support: changing/missing contacts and less availability

What future developments need to be taken into account?

Whether increasing security requirements or the expansion to new device categories - your new MDM should be expandable and easily adaptable to changing requirements.

2. Provider evaluation

The search for a new provider is based on these considerations. Plan sufficient resources for this and compare several systems.

  • Test versions on several devices should be available for at least four weeks to get to know the new functionalities properly.
  • During this phase, the quality of the cooperation with the new provider will also become apparent, from the training to the response time for questions.
  • Watch out for hidden costs!

    Important services such as
    • Server license: how much is the annual license fee to use and work on the administration server?
    • Hosting: who manages, operates and monitors the server and at what cost?
    • Operation: is it a cloud or real server operation? Are these costs included?
    • Data security: is the data in the cloud secure? In Austria, in the EU or somewhere else in the world? And how
    • SLAs: What is included and how much do 1st-level, 2nd-level and 3rd-level service agreements cost? What are the response times? Do German-speaking staff take the call? Or an international call center?
    • Availability of real, technical staff: How familiar are they with my MDM and my situation? Are they aware of country-specific features? Will they respond promptly?
    • Response times: what deadlines are set for ticket processing? Is it handled by expert staff? Can I really get help or are standard answers provided?

      are not included in the basic license price or the basic license with many providers.

      It is important to consider all investment costs and running costs during the entire period of operation. Make sure that you are offered calculable total costs for the entire period of use so that you can make a well-founded comparison!

3. Steps for system conversion

A precise schedule should be drawn up for this final phase, as most of the steps build on each other.

  1. Documentation of all devices, applications and dependencies
  2. Store certificates, licenses and access data in a structured manner.
  3. Training of the MDM team
  4. Set up the new system in collaboration with your new provider.
  5. Testing on individual devices
  6. Migration of the devices. In most cases, the devices do not even have to be physically available.
  7. Operation of the new system, decommissioning of the old MDM solution

Switching MDM providers does not have to be a challenge, because with strategic planning, involvement of all stakeholders and careful evaluation of new providers, the process becomes an opportunity for your company not only to reduce costs, but also to raise device management and IT security to a new level.

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