Datalogic Memor 1
No longer available! We recommend: Datalogic Memor 10
Datalogic Memor 1 Front view
No longer available!
Fast and error-free goods availability queries and annual inventories
Reliable scan engine for fast recognition of 1D and 2D codes
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for real-time data transmission
Google Mobile Services and additional professional functions such as VoIP
Optionally with ergonomic gungrip for extensive barcode scanning

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Easy to get started and quick to use

The Datalogic Memor 1 supports you in the salesroom and in the storeroom - from quick goods availability queries to error-free annual inventory. And the mobile computer with integrated barcode scanner is as easy to use as an ordinary Android smartphone.

The Memor 1 is available in two versions: as a compact handheld version or for extensive barcode scanning with an ergonomic gungrip. Apps and information are immediately available on the 4.3-inch screen thanks to the good hardware equipment. The data connection is uncomplicated via WLAN or Bluetooth, information from barcode scans and inputs can thus be transferred and processed in real time.

The mobile computer has several features that ensure smooth and maintenance-free operation: The Datalogic Memor 1's robust scan engine recognises virtually all 1D and 2D codes much faster and more reliably than a standard smartphone camera. Wireless charging eliminates potentially error-prone charging contacts, and the easy-to-change, high-performance battery provides power for an entire work shift.

The integrated Google Mobile services provide the usual Android functionalities, and the Memor 1 also has additional functions, such as VoIP, for use in professional environments.

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Optional accessories


Protective cover

Hip bag


1-fold battery charging station

1- & 3-fold docking station

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