Enterprise Mobility Management (MDM, EMM, UEM)
Enterprise Mobility Management (MDM, EMM, UEM) application

Many devices - one management tool

In today's world, more and more businesses are turning to remote-style working, which is proven through ease of use, mobility and increased productivity. This also means that businesses are potentially at risk of being targeted for malicious activity.

By adding more endpoints to the company's critical IT infrastructure, all mobile devices owned personally and for business are a gateway to sensitive business data and an open doorway to your corporate network.

Enterprise Mobility Management (MDM, EMM, UEM) Operating Systems

SOLUTION: Barcotec's m-Cloud as unified endpoint management. Companies can secure, monitor and manage all endpoints such as tablets, mobile phones, desktops and wearables via a single management console.

Hosted in Austria and certified with the Ö-Cloud seal of approval, the m-Cloud supports company-owned as well as employee-owned (BYOD) devices based on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux and WearOS platforms and helps companies secure business-critical endpoints, roll out "customised" user displays, protect sensitive data and prevent misuse of mobile devices.

10 good reasons for m-Cloud

Users should only work with the desired apps and not have the option of installing their own, e.g. SoMe apps.
You have the overview and management option via a central tool, regardless of the platform, and still have all devices under control.
You decide on costs and personnel, Barcotec takes care of the rest.
You can scale freely and have no hassle with platform maintenance.
You can integrate both your own and third-party (BYOD) devices.
You determine whether you use the standard or the enterprise solution.
They are future-proof for all hardware.
Your employees remain focused on the really important tasks.
Roll-out and operation have never been so easy.
With Barcotec you have an Austrian partner who has known for more than 30 years what is important in daily, professional use.
MDM ROI Calculator

How soon will an MDM, EMM, UEM pay off?

Our interactive ROI calculator quickly and transparently shows you the comparison of one-time license costs to your ongoing savings.

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The features at a glance


To enable end users to start working immediately after receiving the device, configuration (settings, security policies, and available apps) is done in advance by our experts or right after power-on by an automatic process. This can be started via a simple QR code scan or completely without user interaction via Android Zero-Touch Enrollment.


Set up complexity levels for passwords and create storage encryption for corporate files and documents on the device. Set up restrictions on file sharing, message sharing, Bluetooth and camera access.


Notification policy can be set up to automatically alert admins about "health status" such as battery level, OS versions and rooting attempts. There are also location-based geofencing and network fencing policies to alert admins about device health within specific areas or networks. A telecom management policy can be set up to report data usage and define associated actions on the device such as alerts or blocking.


Configure device profiles for categorised installations of enterprise applications, files and profiles (VPN, email, WiFi). Use profiles to administer security policies such as passcodes.

Targeted updates

Regular updates of the operating system are a crucial factor for device security. To prevent potential compatibility issues with older apps and thus productivity downtime, automatic security updates can be postponed and released only after testing.


Control devices and receive status updates such as GPS, call log, network status and IT-defined attributes. An admin can get real-time updates on battery level, memory and data usage.

Remote maintenance

Resolve issues on devices by remotely controlling the device screen, locking or wiping devices, taking screenshots, searching and downloading files/folders.

Device tracking

Use the admin console to track and manage mobile devices. Send commands or messages directly to the devices and see the device details such as device model, event log, GPS and device errors (geofencing) in real time.

Barcotec in the field

Device management at Rexel with MDM solution from Barcotec

Device management at Rexel with MDM solution from Barcotec

Digitalisation at Forstinger picks up full speed

Digitalisation at Forstinger picks up full speed

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